A View from a Food Allergy Father

Written by Team Safe+Fair Date October 23, 2018

Mike and SonShortly before our youngest son Caden turned 2, we noticed that he developed hives when eating a condiment that contained peanuts.  From that point until his first allergy test a couple of months later, we avoided anything with tree nuts and peanuts.

His 1st round of bloodwork confirmed that Caden was allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts, so we continued to avoid all foods with nuts.  One year later, repeat bloodwork showed signs of him potentially tolerating almonds and hazelnut, so we scheduled a couple of additional appointments to do food challenges.  The results of both tests were successful in the allergist’s office, and we started to give him small and increasing amounts of almond butter and Nutella (hazelnut) thereafter.

Things were going great until a few weeks later when Caden had an episode of anaphylaxis after eating Nutella.  It was one of the most frightening experiences we've encountered.  Mike and FamilyFortunately, my wife was home and able to treat him with Auvi-Q and Benadryl before rushing him to the hospital.  Thankfully, he was already fine when we got to the hospital, but of course Caden and we as parents were still in shock that this happened.

Since that day, we’ve been very cautious, and while he continues to eat almond butter, we avoid all other tree nuts and peanuts.  We are less inclined to conduct any additional allergy challenges as a result of this unfortunate incident.  However, Caden has been a trooper in dealing with his nut allergy, and we’ve had no other choice but to accept and do all we can to prevent such an incident from ever happening again.

We are thankful for organizations like The Safe + Fair Food Company who make living with allergies a lot easier.  It is because of our son Caden and the allergy challenges that he faces that I’ve become a Brand Ambassador for SAFE + FAIR.

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