Apply to be a SAFE + FAIR Fulfillment Logistics Associate

Job Description:

As the Fulfillment Logistics Associate (D2C), reporting to the Director of Operations, it will be your responsibility to manage the Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment experience. This role requires cross-functional collaboration with S + F team members to develop solutions to be implemented with the fulfillment teams. You will be a key asset in ensuring that S + F is able to consistently exceed customer’s expectations by continuously improving the customer fulfillment experience. This is a supply chain / operations role.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with marketing team’s sales trends to forecast fulfillment demand
  • Partner with production team to ensure maintenance of inventory levels, prevent out-of-stocks
  • Create processes to ensure products are packaged accurately, consistently, and economically
  • Find and implement opportunities within fulfillment processes for incremental cost reduction
  • Proactively identify fulfilment logistics issues to enable the team to communicate effectively with customers
  • Develop product promotion projects with the S + F team and implement at the fulfiller and warehouse
  • Render customer feedback to continuously improve fulfillment processes
  • Continuously work towards minimizing fulfillment related customer issues
  • The mission for all team members is the growth and success of The Safe + Fair Food Company and at times will require this individual to work outside of established roles and responsibilities
  • Up to 10% travel may be required


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Marketing, Business, Supply Chain, or relevant field of study
  • Creative problem-solving skills is a plus
  • An analytical approach to work is beneficial
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills are required
  • Maintain organization in work with strong attention to detail
  • Must be willing to step into different facets of the business to promote growth of the organization

Contact Information:

If you are interested in applying to an open position at Safe + Fair, please send an email with this position as the subject header and attach both a cover letter and a resume to