4 Surprising Benefits of Vitamin C + a Delicious New Way to Take It

When we talk about vitamin C, most of us think of the immune-boosting, cold-busting benefits this powerful antioxidant offers. However, shortening the duration and severity of the common cold is just the beginning. In fact, this essential micronutrient (meaning that it isn’t produced in the body & must be consumed through diet or supplementation) does much more than simply sticking it to sniffles.

Today, we’re bringing you a list of surprising benefits of vitamin C + a delicious new way to take it! Read on for the juicy (see what we did there 🍊) details!

Supports Collagen Synthesis & Healthy Skin

We’ve all heard about the beauty benefits attributed to collagen. From hair, skin, & nail vitamins to coffee creamers, this highly sought-after supplement has become a staple in many of our wellness routines. 

As the most abundant protein in our body, collagen is the primary building block for the connective tissue that makes up bone, muscle, organ tissue, and of course, our skin. However, just like peanut butter needs jelly to make a delicious PB&J, collagen production depends on vitamin C to synthesize. By stimulating collagen production, vitamin C plays a crucial role in the health and appearance of our skin, helping to combat damage caused by free radicals produced by pollution, UV exposure, & other environmental factors.

Improves Iron Absorption

When it comes to our general health, iron is crucial. This important mineral plays a role in many critical biological functions, including oxygen transport, brain development, various hormonal and cellular processes, & growth in children. 

Iron is broken down into two categories: heme (found in animal protein) and non-heme (found in plant sources). Because non-heme iron is more difficult for our body to absorb, it can be challenging for plant-based dieters to meet their daily iron requirements through food alone. Fortunately, research has shown that vitamin C boosts our body’s ability to absorb iron, particularly for those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Boosts Brain Function

When it comes to brain health, vitamin C is an MVP. Not only has this mighty micronutrient been linked to improved cognitive functions such as memory, attention, reaction-time, & focus, but it’s also been shown to improve mood & combat symptoms of depression.

Protects Eye Health

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties, vitamin C (or should we say vitamin see!) has been shown to reduce the risk for developing eye disease and supports general eye health. As noted by the American Optometric Association, research shows that healthy intake of vitamin C can lower the risk of developing cataracts and slows the progression of age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss.

Introducing a Tasty New Way to Take Vitamin C

Whether you’re looking to up your vitamin C intake to keep yourself and your family healthy during cold and flu season, or plan to add it into your daily supplement routine to enjoy some of the surprising benefits listed above, we’re here to help.

Bursting with fresh citrus flavor & packing a nutritious punch with 250mg of immune-boosting vitamin C, all new Vitamin C Gummies are a delicious way to level up your wellness routine with this amazing antioxidant—without added artificial ingredients, preservatives, or gelatin found in most gummy vitamins.