5 Unconventional Ways to Use Popcorn

Whether you prefer sweet, savory, or a mix of both, popcorn is a munch MVP when it comes to snack time. And while most of us enjoy it as is & straight from the bag, we thought we’d spice up your snack routine with a few of our favorite unconventional ways to enjoy popcorn. Ready for some creative and crave-worthy popcorn-centric creations? Let’s get poppin’!

Unique Ways to Eat Popcorn

Pop-nola Bars

As another snack time classic, granola bars are a tried and true favorite for those looking for a convenient way to crush cravings on the go. If you haven’t tried making granola bars at home, here is a fun and tasty way to give it a try! Simply mix ½ cup honey, agave, or maple syrup and ⅔ cup of your favorite nut butter (melted and mixed together) with 1 cup of your favorite Safe+Fair granola and 3 cups of whichever flavor of Safe+Fair popcorn is calling to you. Press the combined mixture into a lined baking pan to let set and once cooled, cut, serve, & enjoy!

Safe+Fair Favorite Combos:

Poppin’ Toppin’ for Soups & Salads

Swap croutons or crackers with seasoned popcorn for a delicious new way to take your soups and salads to the next level.

Safe+Fair Favorite Combos:

Swap for Breading

What better way to elevate staple dishes like popcorn chicken, shrimp, and fish fingers than with actual popcorn! Next time you whip up one of these classics, swap traditional bread crumbs for crushed popcorn for a fun twist on your family's favorite meals.

Safe+Fair Favorite Combos:

A Twist on Trail Mix

Are you guilty of picking out the best parts of the trail mix only to end up with a boring combination of the less-delicious leftover items (we’re looking at you, peanuts and raisins…)? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to try making your own trail mix combo, tailored specifically to your taste preferences. Nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, cereal—the possibilities are endless! 

Take your mix to the next level with the addition of popcorn to add a fun twist to standard trail mix. Whether you’re craving sweet, savory, or a mix of both, popcorn is a healthy and versatile addition that adds a spin to the snack time staple.

Safe+Fair Favorite Combos:

Kick Up Your Cookie Game

If you love a sweet and salty treat, this one's for you! Mix 2 cups of whichever Safe+Fair Popcorn you’d like with your favorite chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, or butterscotch chip cookie dough and you’ve got yourself a winning dessert your friends and family will request again and again.

Safe+Fair Favorite Combos:

Whether you decide to switch it up with one of these unconventional and unique recipe ideas or you stick with the tried and true straight-from-the-bag method, there truly is no wrong way to enjoy popcorn.