A Perfect Gift Idea That Works For Anyone

It can be difficult to think of a small, but genuine gift for those acquaintances and loose connections in your life. From the mailman, to teachers, and colleagues, Safe + Fair makes it easy to chose a perfect gift for everyone on your list! 

holiday safe + fair granola to gift

It's the year to think beyond the basic candle, bottle of wine, or worse...a picture frame! Safe + Fair's popcorns and granolas not only make a perfect gift for everyone you know, but our products are allergen-free so you don't have to worry about sending the wrong gift either!

From our festive holiday flavors like Chocolaty Candy Cane Granola, Gingerbread Cookie Granola, and Chocolate Candy Cane Popcorn to classic bestsellers like Birthday Cake Granola and Strawberry Shortcake Drizzled Popcorn, you'll be able to find a perfect flavor for everyone on your list!

Safe + Fair Is The Perfect Gift Idea For Everyone On Your List:

  • Teachers, Professors, the School Bus Driver
  • Mailmen, Landscapers, Housekeepers
  • Hosts and Hostesses of holiday gatherings
  • Coworkers, Colleagues, (even your boss...guaranteed to get you that promotion)
  • Church Groups, Book Clubs, and Extracurricular Acquaintances
  • Distant Family Members and Friends
  • Doctors and Medical Professionals
  • Dog Groomers and Vets
  • Hair Stylists and Nail techs
  • Your Neighbors
  • The Deliveryman (who drops off your Safe + Fair!)
  • ANYONE you don't know "what to gift"!

Check out all of our Safe + Fair products here and discover a perfect gift idea for everyone on your Christmas list this year!