Birthday Cake Proat Cake (Protein Overnight Oat Cake)

A celebratory breakfast that will fuel you all day long! Make protein overnight oats with Safe + Fair protein, then take it up a notch by transforming it into your own no-bake protein overnight oat cake for breakfast!

Birthday Cake Proat Cake Recipe




  1. First prepare the overnight oats by mixing together all the ingredients and storing them in a jar to soak and soften overnight.
  2. To make the cake, line a small bowl with cling wrap and layer the overnight oats along the edges to create a boat shape. (Leave space in the center for your fruit filling).
  3. Add the cut up pieces of fresh fruit to the center, before covering with another layer of overnight oats sealing the edges of your Proat Cake using a spoon.
  4. Now, layer on your Granola crust and seal over the edges of the cling wrap nice and tight.
  5. Let the cake rest for a few hours in the fridge, or overnight.
  6. Once chilled, turn the proat bowl upside down and coat the protein overnight oat cake with the extra yogurt. Top with more granola and fresh fruit.

(Yields 2 Servings)

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