Family-Focused Resolutions: Goals to Work Towards Together

As the whirlwind of the holiday celebrations end with a bang & a ball drop to ring in the new year, our thoughts inevitably turn towards new beginnings. We dust off our calendars, bust out our journals, & gear up for a brighter, bolder year. But amidst the personal pledges to hit the gym and finally master sourdough, don't forget the most important unit of all: your family.

This year, we wanted to add a fresh twist to the traditional New Year's resolution setting by sharing a few goals to work towards as a family. By getting everyone onboard and set on growth-minded intentions, we’re certain these family-focused resolutions will help foster a healthier, happier home & a more connected family unit. 

Open the Communication Channels

  • Family Dinners with a Twist: Ditch the TV and phones, and delve into meaningful conversations. Each week, pick a new, thought-provoking (and age appropriate) topic to discuss over dinnertime. Let everyone's voice be heard, and create a space where learning and understanding can blossom.
  • Listening Olympics: Challenge yourselves to be truly present when someone is speaking. Put away distractions, make eye contact, and actively listen without interrupting. This simple act can build trust and strengthen bonds, laying the foundation for a safe and fair environment.

Hone in on Healthy Eating

  • All Hands on Deck for Dinner Prep: Begin the year with a commitment to prioritize the health and wellness of every family member. Pick out new, nutritious recipes & then plan family trips to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. Then, make meal prep a fun activity to do together so everyone is involved and invested in the delicious and nutritious dish.
  • Step Up Snack Time: One easy way to level up your household diet is by giving your pantry a snack sweep and swapping the chips, cookies, & junk food for healthier options like snack-size whole grain popcorn, fiber-rich crackers, wholesome graham crackers, & natural fruit snacks like real-fruit leathers. To take snack time one step further, whip up some homemade nutritious options like scratch-made granola bars or bites using clean-label granola, protein-packed muffins by adding a plant-based protein powder, or easy frozen yogurt bark speckled with fresh fruit. 

Playtime with a Purpose

  • Board Game Bonanza: Plan family game nights to add a bit of fun to a standard night at home. Added bonus points for games that offer an educational twist, such as trivia, or encourage strategic thinking like a checker tournament.
  • Tech Time Out: Have a family "digital detox" day, unplugging from screens and rediscovering the joy of offline connection. Use this time to explore new activities together, like getting outside for some active play or cuddling up on the couch to read together, listen to an audio book, or dive into a documentary.

Celebrate Milestones, Big and Small

  • Random Acts of Kindness: Spread joy and build a culture of caring within your family. Leave encouraging notes, do someone's chores without being asked, or surprise each other with small tokens of appreciation. These acts of kindness may be small but have a huge impact on building connection with and gratitude for one another
  • Family Achievements: Recognize and celebrate each other's accomplishments, big or small. Make a point to be each other's biggest fans by shouting out everyone's achievements from the week & create space for each family member to share something they’re hoping to accomplish next.

Remember, resolutions are not about perfection, but about progress. Celebrate every step you take towards building a stronger, more connected family unit. As you weave these goals into the tapestry of your year, watch your home transform into a haven of emotional & physical health. As the saying goes, everything, including goal-setting, is better together. So in this new year, skip the surface-level or unrealistic individual goals & give these family-focused resolutions a try. We guarantee, when you work as a team, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Cheers to a next-level new year filled with growth, transformation, & intention.