Is Protein Powder Safe For Kids?

When you have a picky eater on your hands, it can be difficult to get them to eat anything. They end up lacking in the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong. Should you include protein powder to your child's diet?

is protein safe for kids

So, is Protein Powder Safe For Kids?

According to Daniel Boyer, M.D. of the Farr Institute, the protein recommendation for children ages 4-9 is 19g per day, ages 9-13 is 34g per day, and ages 14-18 will vary depending on gender with boys requiring around 52g and girls 46g per day.

Brittany Lubeck, M.S., R.D., says that 10-30% of a child's calorie intake should come from protein.

Safe + Fair Kids Protein Powder was designed and formulated to be safe for children ages 4 and up! Each serving contains 9 grams of pure plant-based protein, along with one complete serving of vegetables from 16 different fruit and veggies, 7 grams of fiber, prebiotics and probiotics.

Safe + Fair Kids Protein Powder is your all-in-one nutrition solution for fussy eaters. If they only eat one thing all day, make it include Kids Protein Powder! Whether you include it in a delicious breakfast smoothie, bake it into muffins, or whip up a quick blender ice cream, your child will get a safe dose of the nutrition and protein they need which they normally would struggle to get!

Delicious tasting and 100% plant-based so it won't upset sensitive stomachs and gets the kid-approved seal of approval!

Try it for yourself in our delicious Chocolate Cupcake or Vanilla Ice Cream flavor and rest assured your child is getting the nutrition and protein they need!