Kid-Friendly Holiday Activities with Safe + Fair

From classroom holiday parties to big Christmas celebrations with the family, kids need fun and festive activities to keep them busy! Here are some kid-friendly holiday activities and ideas that kids will love to engage with throughout the holiday season!  

gingerbread house decorated with safe + fair
  1. DIY Popcorn Ornaments: Gather up some big, clear, plastic ornaments and fill the insides with your favorite holiday Safe + Fair popcorns! Decorate the outer ornament with paint, markers, glue and glitter.
  2. Homemade Snow Globes: Use empty and clear snow globes and fill them with a few pieces of Safe + Fair popcorn. Glue a fun figurine on the base and decorate the outside of the globe with craft supplies.
  3. Edible Jewelry: With a piece of string and threading needle, you can make fun and festive necklaces and bracelets with your Safe + Fair popcorn and seasonal fruit like cranberries or figs! Once the party is over, kids can enjoy their creations too!
  4. Tree & Mantle Garlands: If you want a craft to display, follow the same method for stringing jewelry using a longer string and make the classic Christmas popcorn garland with Safe + Fair popcorn.
  5. Decorations For Gingerbread Houses: The holidays aren't complete without gingerbread house building! You can use Safe + Fair popcorn and granola to paste on your gingerbread house when you're ready to decorate (make sure to have enough to much on building requires tasty fuel!)
  6. Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe: Use Safe + Fair popcorn as your tic-tac-toe pieces! You can find fun printable holiday and Christmas themed activities sheets online, print them out, and have a festive classroom-friendly activity in minutes!

The most fun kid-friendly holiday activities are also ones that parents enjoy munching on your favorite Safe + Fair snacks!