Meal Prepping Tips For A Stress-Free Back-To-School Season

The back-to-school rush of excitement and frenzy is here! It's time to breakout the backpacks, fresh new school outfits, and perfectly sharpened pencils. Let's not forget about healthy meals either! These meal prepping tips for back-to-school will make your life easier!

Transitioning from your laidback summer routine to a structured school schedule can feel overwhelming for everyone, parents, students, teachers. The last thing you should have to worry about is the food you need to keep everyone fueled and ready to tackle the weeks ahead!

black to school meal prep

Here are some time-saving meal prep and planning tips to make the transition easier!

  1. Pre-portion Snacks: Have healthy snacks ready to grab-and-go! Whether you need to pop them in a lunchbox, stow them in the car, or offer them up as quick after school fuel before soccer practice! Protein-packed chips and tasty popcorn are always a kid-friendly favorite!
  2. Make Breakfast A Breeze: With alarms going off late or spending an hour trying to find that missing shoe, sometimes you just don't have time to have a sit down breakfast! You can pre-blend some protein shakes or smoothies and store them in tumblers in the fridge to grab in seconds. If you have a few minutes more you can even serve up a quick bowl of granola with some yogurt or milk!
  3. Lunchbox Packing Station: Who says parents need tp be the ones packing those lunchboxes? Create a lunchbox packing station and let the kids pack their own lunchboxes! Have easy options for an entree (sandwich, leftovers from dinner, soup thermos), veggie/fruit side (carrots, celery, apple slices), snack (chips, popcorn, granola), dessert (brownie square, drizzled popcorn), and drinks (water bottles, juice). Kids can fill their lunchbox with one for each category and save you time.
  4. Impress After School Friends: From group projects to study sessions for that upcoming algebra test, make sure you have plenty of tasty snacks on hand! Be the house with the cool snacks by keeping your pantry stocked with Safe + Fair popcorn, chips, and granola! You won't need to worry about friends' food allergy restrictions or picky eaters, when it comes to the top allergen-free and craveworthy flavors of Safe + Fair!
  5. Reward Yourself: After the first few weeks of establishing that new school routine, it's time to take a moment and reward yourself with a delicious treat! Make it a weekend baking project with the kids and whip up some blondies or brownies to celebrate a job well done and be able to learn more  about the happenings of 4th grade science class in a stress-free way!

Wish you could just press a button and have all these delicious foods and flavors appear right at your doorstep?

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