Our Sweet Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is a natural sweetener that we use to give our craveworthy granolas the right amount of satisfying sweetness! This natural grain sweetener is the perfect choice for our safe and fair products since we never use artificial sweeteners!


This natural sweetener comes from adding an enzyme to cooked brown rice that helps break down the rice starches, turning them into small sugars (maltotriose, maltose, glucose), then filtering out unnecessary particles. The sweet syrup that is leftover is very thick, almost like molasses.

brown rice syrup


Brown Rice Syrup Nutrition:

  • This grain-based sweetener is fructose-free, meaning it is easily metabolized by the body and not implicated in negative health effects such as type 2 diabetes or fatty liver disease.
  • There are trace amounts of minerals in the syrup like calcium, Vitamin C, iron, and potassium.
  • It is natural and plant-based without leaving you with any off-aftertaste.
  • As a less refined sweetener, there is nothing artifical and is similar to sweeteners like honey and maple syrup.


Brown rice syrup allows our signature granolas those perfect clusters you love. Without taking away from the natural fruit juices and pieces we include in many of our flavors, this sweetener is a clean label and plant-based choice you can feel good about!