How to Host a Family-Friendly NYE Party

As the year winds down and we all prepare to celebrate a fresh start, it's important to remember that the most magical moments are often shared with those we love, especially our little ones. If you’ll have your little ones in tow for this New Year’s celebrations, we’re here to help you plan a fun, festive, and safe evening that both the big kids and littles will equally enjoy.

Ready to host a kid-friendly shindig to start a fresh new year? Read on!

Set the Family-Friendly Tone with the Invites:

Kick off the family-friendly festivities by sending out invitations that set the tone for an age-appropriate New Year’s Eve celebration. Make a point to let attendees know that kiddos are welcome to join the NYE fun and that the party will be tailored to be enjoyed by parents and little ones alike. This way, your guests can plan their evening to fit their families needs (early bedtime? Feel free to come early, right when the festivities begin! Not sure if there will be kid-friendly food options? Not to fret! The invitation can lay out the menu for both the parents and the little ones). 

Snack Station Extravaganza:

No party is complete without a variety of delicious snacks that will satisfy both the parents and the kiddos. Create a kid-friendly snack station by setting up a dedicated area filled with an assortment of munchies that include healthy options like kid-sized Safe + Fair single serve Binge Watching Buttery Seasoned Popcorn, fresh veggies and dip, and a variety of mess-free fruits (like grapes and sliced apples). Of course, no kiddo snack station is complete without a treat or two, so complete the snack station with a sweet, low-mess option like snack-sized cookies, brownie bites, or cake pops.

Kiddo Craft Table:

Get the little ones involved in the party preparations with a craft station with activities like decorating their own party hat with stickers and ribbons, coloring books, and other fun hands-on options. Another favorite NYE activity? Have the little ones choose something they want to achieve or work towards in the new year and have them draw it out to encourage positive goal-setting skills with a fun twist.

Countdown Activities:

Keep the energy high with countdown activities leading up to midnight (or an earlier kid-friendly time). Offer small prizes for games like bingo or a scavenger hunt. This keeps the little ones engaged and occupied and can help limit the possibility of sleepy meltdowns that tend to come about when little ones get tired, bored, or a mix of both.

Gratitude and Wishes Wall:

Encourage a positive start to the new year by setting up a Gratitude and Wishes Wall. Provide cards or colorful paper for guests to write down their reflections on the past year and their hopes for the future. Attach the notes to create an interactive and heartfelt display.

Final Word:

Hosting a kid-friendly NYE party doesn’t have to be complicated. By incorporating the little ones into the festivities and ensuring they have ample activities and snacks to keep them entertained and satisfied, everyone is certain to have a good time!