Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and it's the perfect time to celebrate love, kindness, and togetherness with your little ones. Whether you're staying indoors or venturing out, we've got you covered with a range of kid-friendly snacks and activities that are sure to make this Valentine's Day extra special for your family. 

Crafting Corner

  • Valentine’s Popcorn Necklaces: Our tasty twist on the traditional popcorn garland! Have your little ones string together an edible necklace with some delicious love-themed treats! Place Dark Chocolaty Drizzled PopcornStrawberry Shortcake Drizzled Popcorn, O-shaped strawberry or berry cereal, and red, pink, and purple LifeSaver candies into separate bowls & let the little ones get creative with their Valentine’s Day “jewelry”. 
  • Love Bug Snack Packs: Grab some paper bags and transform them into adorable love bugs! Use construction paper, markers, and googly eyes to create faces, then fill the boxes with their favorite snacks like Remy's Cinnamon Grahams, dried fruit, fruit snacks, and yogurt covered pretzels. They can take their cute creations to school the following day, saving mom and dad from packing a school snack (checking one to-do item off the list!).
  • Homemade Valentine’s Cards: Skip the store bought Valentine’s cards this year. Encourage your kids to create heartfelt notes and letters for their loved ones, classmates, neighbors, teachers & coaches, and even their favorite furry friends. They can draw pictures, write messages about why they’re special to them, & decorate them with love-themed drawings, stickers and glitter.

Games & Activities

  • Sweetheart Scavenger Hunt: Create a fun scavenger hunt around your home or backyard! Write clues on colorful paper hearts and hide them in various locations. Each clue can lead to the next, with the final clue revealing a special Valentine's Day surprise – a treat-filled treasure trove complete with chocolate hearts, Single Serve Binge Watching Buttery Seasoned Popcorn, gummy candies, & freeze-dried strawberries. Complete the treasure trove with small toys and art supplies like stickers, toy cars, and bouncy balls.
  • Pin the Heart on Cupid: Print out a large image of Cupid and cut out small paper hearts. Blindfold the kids and let them take turns trying to pin the heart on the Cupid’s belly. The winner gets an extra piece of chocolate!
  • Love Charades: Act out Valentine's Day-themed words or phrases for the kids to guess. You can use classic terms like "kiss," "hug," or "chocolate," or “heart”. Have fun with it and tell the littles so act as silly as possible!

In the Kitchen

  • Remy’s Heart Cookies: Let the little ones go wild, smashing their single serve baggy of Remy's Cinnamon Grahams into a fine crumbs. Let them dump their Grahammy crumbs into a bowl with melted butter and sugar. Press the mixture into heart-shaped cookie molds and bake for 10-12 minutes. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles for a sweet and simple Valentine's Day treat.
  • Love Potion Smoothie: Whip up a nutritious pink-hued smoothie bowl, allowing the little ones to add frozen strawberries, bananas, yogurt of choice, & a splash of a milk or nut milk of choice. Blend it all up and serve in a bowl so that the kiddos can decorate their Love Potion Smoothie with crumbled Remy's Cinnamon Grahams, Strawberry Shortcake GranolaChocolate Chip Cookie Dough Granola, sliced fresh strawberries, and a drizzle of honey. If you’re in the running for best parent ever, add a squirt of whipped cream or coconut whip as a finishing touch!

Final Word

Remember, the most important ingredient for a memorable Valentine's Day is love and laughter! With these simple, kid-friendly activities, you can create a love-themed celebration that your kids are certain to enjoy.

Here’s to spreading love, kindness, and fun this Valentine's Day!