15 Real Mom Hacks For Simplifying A Busy Morning Routine

September always feels like a fresh start and a final opportunity to make the last few months of the year the best they can be no matter what life has thrown at you before this!

simplify morning routines

It's back-to-school for the kids and an end to more laidback summer routines. If you're looking to simply your own family's morning routine and take the stress out of busy, hectic, CHAOTIC mornings before school and work, we're here to help!

We asked a group of REAL moms who are sharing their tips and tricks to help you create a morning routine that won't leave you snoozing the alarm clock, scrambling to find that lost sock, or forgoing breakfast for the sake of not being late!

15 Mom Hacks For Simplifying Your Morning Routine

  1. "Pick clothes and lay them out the night before school. It saves you so much time and reduces stress in the morning." - Susanne @ Lil Tigers
  2. "Set the table for breakfast and get your kids to choose their clothes the night before. My kids are a nightmare when it comes to choosing clothes - they are super indecisive and takes forever. So that saves up a lot of time in the morning!" - Monica @ Conquering Motherhood
  3. "Have your kids help pack up their backpack and lunch/snack (as much as possible) the night before to save time in the morning. Also, go over the morning routine and what the plans are for the next day at bedtime the night before so they know what to expect." - Rachael @ Mama of Minis
  4. "Do as many tasks the night before to ensure a smooth and stress-free school morning. Here’s a few tips that work for me and my crew. 1. Fill refillable water bottles and leave in the refrigerator overnight. 2. Leave a basket of “mom approved” snacks in the pantry making for quick grab-and-go school snacks. 3. Meal prep balanced breakfasts ahead of time to streamline and promote heathy eating habits. A few ideas are yogurt parfaits with fruit and granola, homemade oat and fruit breakfast bars, or smoothies." - Jessica @ Healthy with a Chance of Sprinkles
  5. "Prepare two days of lunch boxes at a time so you’re always ahead in case of busy afternoons. Doing tasks like this in batches saves time!" - Holly @ Simplify Create Inspire
  6. "Handle paperwork in school folders as soon as you and your kids get home so it doesn’t get forgotten during the rush of the morning." - Samantha @ Evidence-Based Mommy
  7. "Create a two week menu (10 lunches), that you keep rotating. It will save you time grocery shopping and brainstorming ideas. It also helps in the morning to know exactly what lunch to make each day." - Christina @ Mom in the Six
  8. "Make a few make ahead breakfasts like overnight oats, ingredients for a smoothie, or a breakfast casserole. Also, fill up everyone’s water bottles so they’re ready to go in the morning. It’ll help with the morning rush a lot!" - Audrey @ Two Pink Peonies
  9. "Give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes on your wakeup time. With kids, there are so many things that can not go as planned in the morning like stained clothes or spilled food." - Jacqueline @ Mom Money Map
  10. "Water bottles filled & in the fridge the night before. An extra set of clothes or winter gear (in Canada here!) in the van (like gloves, hats etc). Also, make ahead and take with your breakfasts for those really bad days!" - Shelby @ Fit as a Mama Bear
  11. "Have a special command center in your house. This way you can easily pack the night before and kids can grab all they need in the morning." - Erin @ The DIY Nuts
  12. "Establish a special ritual you only do in the mornings to get excited about! Whether that's a fun music playlist, a quick family yoga stretch, or simple table game you play while eating breakfast. Something to make it easier to get the kids out of bed and looking forward to the morning in a relaxed way!" Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine
  13. "Create “days of the week clothing tags” and pick out your kids clothes (or have them pick it out) on Sunday night so there’s no rush in the morning for the perfect outfit." - Lindsey @ Crafting with Kids
  14. "Use a visual routine chart so your children can get ready for school morning independently. Hang it in a spot children can access and check off." - Anne @ Printable Parents
  15. "Involve kids in making lunches — they’re much more likely to eat them then!" - Lillie @ Around the World L

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